Timebank = Community

I sometimes get caught up in work and family and taking care of all the crap you have to take care of in life, and forget to reach out to people.  And I absolutely HATE to ask for help. I joined the timebank because I thought it would be cool to get some of those … Continue reading Timebank = Community


Check out the search bar, y’all!

I just found out about the search bar on the Cville Timebank web page (once you’ve signed in as a member). It is really awesome. Check it out.  It searches: • Offers, • Requests, • Members, • Bios, • Messages • Help • and it is re-indexed nightly. So if I’m looking for, say, someone … Continue reading Check out the search bar, y’all!

Repair Café Coming Soon? It’s Up to You…

One of the beautiful things about the TimeBank is how it shows us the wealth of skills  "ordinary" people have to offer. This fall, we're working on a new project that highlights one of those skill sets: fixing stuff. Cville Repair Café will bring a whole crew of handy fix-it types together for a huge … Continue reading Repair Café Coming Soon? It’s Up to You…

Community Swap!

Sunday, August 17 3 - 5 pm Friends Meeting House 1104 Forest Street, Charlottesville You never know what you'll find at a swap! Bring a few things from your home that would really be happier living somewhere else -- it could be CD's, cookware, clothing, toys, plants, etc -- it's ok if items are used, … Continue reading Community Swap!