We’re glad you found the Cville TimeBank!

The Cville TimeBank welcomes new members – want to be a part of it?  Jump over to our membership page for the next step.

Curious how it works?  We’ve posted lots of information on our About Us pages.

timebank works

Here’s a little nugget from one of our members that we simply love:

“It gives me such pleasure to know that all these folks can come together without an exchange of money, or the feeling of ‘burdening’ one another with needs, but instead with the joy of connecting as the type of community we are meant to be.”

-Laura B.

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello!
    I would love to talk to your team about outreach. I part of a group that is forming a TimeBank neighboorhood in Vashon, WA. I have been using the TimeBank USA site as a resource. I would make such a huge difference for me to talk to other outreach teams about the work that they have done to grow their TimeBank communities and keep their TimeBanks vibrant.
    I would love to schedule a call with whomever best fits the role “Outreach Coordinator.”

  2. I am interested in establishing time bank account. I have a variety of things to offer. How to start? I live in Shadwell, close to MJH.

  3. Hello to all, I am a member of the Time Bank in Media, PA I will be moving to the Richmond area. Which time bank is closest to Richmond?

  4. Wondering if you need to live in C’ville to be a member? I live in Culpeper, and come to C’ville often. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Nancy –
      Our members live in Charlottesville and the immediate area – it’s difficult for members who live further away to provide services closer to town, but it’s also difficult for those same members to build relationships and receive services themselves. We would be happy to help anyone start a timebank closer to their home – proximity to other members is key to building a strong community network.

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