News About Time Banking

Here’s an ever-expanding collection of links explaining/featuring Time Banks all over the world.

  • From the time banking wikipedia page:
    Ideally, time banking builds community. Time Bank members sometimes refer to this as a return to simpler times when the community was there for its individuals.”
  • A great article about the small transactions and the impact on a community. Very relatable, and the first exposure I (Maggie) had to Time Banking as a concept: Banking on Community
  • Watch this video of Edgar Cahn, the founder of Time Banking: TED on youtube
  • “A new twist on old-fashioned bartering.” Great audio interview (transcript also available) with Edgar Cahn on NPR: Beyond Bartering
  • The Portland Exchange, an affiate Time Bank, is featured in a PBS documentary, Fixing the Future – here’s a video excerpt (with transcript) on PBS NewsHour. This is a great video to watch! It not only summarizes the concept well, but shows actual exchanges taking place in one community.
  • Time Banking was called “hokey” by the NY Daily News in January 2010 when the city started an initiative. Though not affiliated with Time Banks USA (TBUSA), it’s based on many of the same concepts. It seems to be going strong – check out their annual reports!
  • This lovely video from Nesta UK about collaborative consumption has some great examples of service exchanges (0:30 and 1:41). Wouldn’t you love to live in a community that collaborates like this?