What services are exchanged?

A timebank transaction is an exchange of SERVICES between two or more timebank members.  If an exchange requires parts, materials or supplies, it is the responsibility of the recipient to pay for these items.

What kinds of services are typically exchanged? You’d be amazed!  The list below is a sampling of the services that can be exchanged through a timebank, and a visit to our member website offers a glimpse of what is currently available.

Help Around the House

  • Electrical, plumbing, carpentry
  • General home repair
  • General Home Maintenance
  • Help moving heavy things/hauling
  • Landscape and garden design
  • Sustainable garden practices
  • Yard work
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Composting
  • Bicycle repair
  • Bicycle courier service
  • Truck for transporting home and garden items
  • Garage sale help
  • Organize, purge, sort, and recycle assistance

Home-making help

  • Cooking lessons
  • Fermenting lessons
  • Meal preparation
  • Home organizing
  • Raw/living foods
  • Gluten Free/Vegan Baked Goods
  • Fresh baked bread
  • Dinner Party Catering
  • House cleaning


  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Plant identification/medicinal
  • Child care
  • Elder care and support, caregiver consultation
  • Essential Oil Massage


  • Desk top publishing, writing and literacy skills
  • Writing, editing, typing and data entry
  • College Application Statements
  • English/Writing Tutor
  • Math and Science tutoring
  • Languages (conversation)
  • Proofreader
  • eBay instruction
  • Children’s story telling
  • Genealogy research
  • Herb/native plant walks
  • Tutoring for elementary/homeschoolers
  • Drawing classes
  • Skills development
  • College application assistance
  • Web and graphic design
  • Computer literacy tutoring
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Consultation

Arts, Crafts and Music

  • Music, art and dance lessons
  • Music mechanics instruction
  • Jamming (musical)
  • Creative writing, dance and art
  • Seamstress services
  • Sewing machine instruction
  • Sewing and Sewing Instruction
  • Knitting lessons
  • Photography
  • Fiber Arts Instruction


  • Personal assistance
  • Closet organization
  • Cover letter and resume assistance
  • Biking
  • Walking or Biking Companion
  • Rides: local and to airport/train station
  • Bicycle Repair, Service and restoration
  • Help with Your To-Do List
  • Elder Care/ Respite Care
  • Wedding Planning Consult


  • Medical advocate
  • Advanced health care directives
  • Resources for aging
  • Telephoning
  • Mediation
  • Medical Advocacy


  • Pet sitting and care
  • Dog walking
  • Chicken Consultation


  • Grantwriting
  • Nonprofit Management/Organization Consultation
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Legal services: family law
  • Internet research
  • Web and graphic design consultation
  • Quicken/Quickbooks help
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Typing

We’re SURE there’s more – what do YOU need help with?