About the Cville TimeBank

Our Vision:
We envision an integrated community in which individuals invest in each other’s well being through reciprocity, exchanging time and service.
Our Mission:
Cville Timebank is designed to nurture, inspire, and motivate a network of neighbors to come together to create a caring and sharing community. 
What it is:
Cville TimeBank (CTB) is an organized exchange system through which members earn Time Dollars for time spent helping other members. One hour of service earns one Time Dollar. Members can “buy” hours of service they want or need with Time Dollars.  Everyone’s time and service are valued equally. Cville TimeBank keeps track of service offers, requests, exchanges and Time Dollars through an online database called Time and Talents, a software platform developed and maintained by hOurworld.org


The Cville TimeBank was formed as a group project of Charlottesville’s Neighborhood Leadership Institute class of 2012.  We’d researched, debated, pondered and hypothesized nine ways to Sunday, and concluded that someone just needed to start this crazy thing — so start, we did!

The core group of NLI team members formed the first  “Kitchen Cabinet”, and our hope was to build a sustainable TimeBank in Charlottesville.  We had grand plans of uniting the community in this circle of giving and receiving, but we figured we’d be smart to start off with baby steps, so the pilot project was born in June 2012.  With a modest enrollment of 50 members, Cville TimeBank members started making hundreds of transactions — everything from dog-sitting to yoga lessons, portrait sitting to conversational Spanish — building friendships along the way!

In January 2013, we opened the Cville TimeBank to the community – and new members are welcomed several times a month during orientation sessions. Click over to our membership page for information on the next orientation session, and we hope to see you there!  Our membership topped 300 in 2016, and we’re growing steadily.  More members, (especially active, engaged members) means that more services are available, more needs are met, and a stronger community is built!  We have plans to include businesses and organizations as well, so please contact us if you’d like to know more about supporting the Cville TimeBank in this capacity.

11 thoughts on “About the Cville TimeBank

  1. I plan to attend the orientation in February. Is this still an active organization? I could really use this in my life!

    1. The TimeBank is, indeed, an active and growing organization! Please do attend an orientation to see what it’s all about and become a member if you would like to join us. You can find a list of orientations under the members tab above. We hope to see you!

  2. Hello,

    I really loved your latest post on “About the Cville TimeBank”. I have gone
    ahead and added “Cville TimeBank” to my Flipboard. Keep writing awesome stuff,
    and I will keep reading it.

  3. Hi, I just learned about your TB. I’ve been involved in time banking in all areas since 1998 and am the founder of SkillSharenetwork in Boulder CO. I moved to this area and had been talking with people in my area for the past year about setting up a a timebank – we have a name, etc. So, I think we should be talking!

  4. Kathy-

    I was so, so sad to miss the event last night, but my 19-year old daughter was facing a pretty significant crossroads and asked for my help and advice – being a Mom trumps just about anything else! I would still like to get involved in the group, and look forward to hearing about anything i can do in order to do so.

    How WAS the movie??


    1. Jayne –
      Movie was awesome… as was the audience! We had around 135, and a lively discussion both before and after the film. We’ll be having a second screening in late October/early November – so you’ll have the chance to see it, and we’ll have the chance to get specific, influential people in the room who really need to see these concepts in action.

      I’m sending you an email about the next cabinet meeting, and hope you can join us!


  5. I just read an article in the Feb/Mar 2012 edition of AARP magazine (yikes….who knew that at the tender age of 53 i was eligible for THAT membership?!) over lunch at Guadalahara restaurant entitled “Money – Saving Like Clockwork”. It introduced me to the idea of time banking, which is something very akin to an idea i’ve been mulling around in my head for a few years. I immediately came home to see whether, by some stroke of magic or luck or kismit or whatever, C-ville had a time bank organization. Having lived here only 1 year and 11 months, i should not be surprised that….indeed…..such a group has been started and a meeting is taking place tomorrow night (07.28.12) to view “Fixing the Future”. I’ve got my tickets, and i’m prepared to get involved however i can to help in facilitating the goals of the group. I’m a very good, seasoned (remembering that earlier mention of the fact that i’m a card-carrying AARP member!) organizer within all sorts of groups, and have been looking for an organization within which to become involved here in our community.

    I’ll introduce myself at tomorrow night’s gathering, and hopefully you might still have room in the cabinet for some other helping hands!



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