About the Cville TimeBank

Our Vision:
We envision an integrated community in which individuals invest in each other’s well being through reciprocity, exchanging time and service.
Our Mission:
Cville Timebank is designed to nurture, inspire, and motivate a network of neighbors to come together to create a caring and sharing community. 
What it is:
Cville TimeBank (CTB) is an organized exchange system through which members earn Time Dollars for time spent helping other members. One hour of service earns one Time Dollar. Members can “buy” hours of service they want or need with Time Dollars.  Everyone’s time and service are valued equally. Cville TimeBank keeps track of service offers, requests, exchanges and Time Dollars through an online database called Time and Talents, a software platform developed and maintained by hOurworld.org


The Cville TimeBank was formed as a group project of Charlottesville’s Neighborhood Leadership Institute class of 2012.  In January 2013, we opened the Cville TimeBank to the community. Click over to our membership page to learn how to join. More members -especially active and engaged members – means that more services are available, more needs are met, and a stronger community is built!

Kitchen Cabinet and Governance

The “Kitchen Cabinet” (also known as our Board of Directors) is responsible for making decisions and developing policies to maintain and enhance the CTB.

President:  Brian Carlton

Vice President: Stephanie Blackton

Secretary:  Bizz Glover

Treasurer:  Lisa Grant

Download a copy of the Member Handbook here.

Download the Cville TimeBank by-laws here.