TimeBank FAQ’s

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Image credited to Cronkite News
Image credited to Cronkite News

Isn’t TimeBanking the same as bartering?

Nope – in TimeBanking, you don’t need to decide how you’re going to work out an equitable trade with an individual.  Instead, you perform the service — and bank the hour(s).  Then, you decide how and when to spend your hours with any other member of the TimeBank.

What kind of services can I expect to give and receive?

Great question!  Some of the most common transactions involve things that are considered “neighborly things”: a ride to the doctor, help in the garden, tutoring, cooking meals. But if you have more specialized skills you’re willing to offer — go for it!  Teach guitar, help with a small businesswoman’s books, or build cabinets for someone.  That’s the glory of this system — everything is possible.  Remember: everyone has something to offer, and all work has the same value.  A time dollar = a time dollar.  Click over to a crazy-big list of commonly exchanged services here.

How is my Time Dollar balance tracked?

Cville TimeBank is an affiliate of hOurworld, and uses their Time and Talents software to list service offers and requests, and to track member balances.  Don’t worry – it’s not hard, and you don’t have to ‘bank’ a lot of hours before accepting an offer from another member.  You are allowed to “overdraw” your account – at some point you’ll perform a service for someone else, and will make a deposit to bring your balance back up.  You won’t get that kind of trust from a big commercial bank, would you?

How do I join Cville TimeBank?

Please click over to our membership page for more information.

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