All you have to do is ask

ask-day-button-300x30011Hey, Timebankers! I’ve had the topic of asking for what you want on my mind recently in conversations with friends and also on the Timebank member Facbebook forum. I’ve been hearing that some folks find it hard to ask for what they want- and that some even find it hard to admit that they want (or need) anything at all.

I’m here to remind you that Timebank relies on people making offers AND REQUESTS and to encourage you to go ahead and ask for that thing that’s been on your mind that you haven’t posted.

I also found an interesting article: 7 Keys to Asking For What You Really Want (So You Can Get It!) in Forbes Magazine online. Here are the pared down and slightly paraphrased bullet points with my notes in italics.


1.  Don’t assume others are mind readers. Other Timebankers don’t know what you need unless you post a request.

2.  Be bold in what you ask for (don’t dilute!). Ask for what you really want. You never know what might happen.

3.  Be specific about what you want and when you want it.

6.  Ditch the martyr act. No fair complaining that your life is too busy when you have 30 unused Timebank hours and haven’t asked for anything!

7.  Don’t make ‘no’ mean more than it does.

– Cathy Butler