Check out the search bar, y’all!

I just found out about the search bar on the Cville Timebank web page (once you’ve signed in as a member). It is really awesome. Check it out.  It searches:
• Offers,
• Requests,
• Members,
• Bios,
• Messages
• Help
• and it is re-indexed nightly.
So if I’m looking for, say, someone to help with a small electrical issue in my house instead of looking through all of the offers or through all of the bios for mention of electrical skills I can just type in “electrical” and it pulls up several people as well as any offers or requests that include that term. I can narrow the results further by including a city or zip code. Or if I would like to borrow a lawn mower or a sander, I can enter those into the search to see if anyone has one that I can borrow in exchange for hours.
This tool just saved me a lot of time searching for people who have a tool or skill I need OR a tool or skill I have! The more you fill in your profile with skills and tools available for lending the better this search tool will work. I’m pretty excited!

-Cathy Butler