Timebank = Community

kids_holdinghands_267151906_stdI sometimes get caught up in work and family and taking care of all the crap you have to take care of in life, and forget to reach out to people.  And I absolutely HATE to ask for help.

I joined the timebank because I thought it would be cool to get some of those hard-to-find-help-for chores done.  Like when the strap on my purse came loose and needed a skilled seamstress before I left town the next day.  Happy to say an amazing timebanker stepped in and took care of it – while we talked about jobs and gardens and traveling.  I also found help for my garden, got some lights repaired, and got all my garden tools sharpened.  I’ve done some photography, writing, rug moving, and drove people to the polls to vote. But the bonus, the thing I didn’t expect and the BEST PART of the timebank, is the community.

I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this dynamic group of like-minded folks who want to help each other with whatever comes up.  It’s great having someone help mulch the garden or clean out the basement – not just because the work goes faster, but because having someone to talk to, to share with, to learn from, makes a tedious job fun.  I love having someone water my garden while I’m out of town, or knowing that I can quickly find someone to feed and pet my cat when I’m away – but mostly, I love being part of this generous group of people who joined a community for the sole purpose of helping each other.  A community whose riason d’etre is to be generous and kind to each other is a rare gift indeed.  Thank you, timebankers!

– Gail South