If you can dream it —

What would you like to have done?

Check out the TimeBank FAQ, “What Services Are Exchanged?” to get an idea of what offers and requests you might typically find in our member software.  The list is a snapshot of the skills within the membership, including things like home repairs, anything having to do with your garden, pet care, child care, even chicken consultation (yes really!). But don’t be discouraged if what you need done is not listed. As long as it’s legal and won’t get anybody in trouble, ask for it.  There may be someone out there who can do it. A pretty nice camel saddle was fixed up at one of our fabulous repair cafes. You won’t find that kind of match-making in the Yellow Pages!

I wish the TimeBank had been around when I lived in the country and had a daily supply of fresh llama manure. I bet I could have found plenty of takers for that perfect garden fertilizer. As a matter of fact, I wish I had some of that llama poo for my city garden now —I’d be happy to drive out in the country to shovel it.

Need something unusual or have some rare but useful skill or resource to offer? This could be the place to get your needs met. And while you’re thinking about it, take a look at the latest requests. Share an hour or two of your time and—I promise—you will be rewarded with far more than TimeBank hours. You will make someone’s day—and you might find that you made your own day too.

– Gail South