Explore All Offers!

Once again, I waited until the last minute to clean up my garden for spring. Who knew spring would arrive in February? I looked under new offers for help, but I didn’t find anything. I posted a request, then I remembered that wonderful “Explore All Offers” index. Check it out here: https://hourworld.org/bank/SearchSvcCat.php?PR=Pro I sent a … Continue reading Explore All Offers!

Check out the search bar, y’all!

I just found out about the search bar on the Cville Timebank web page (once you’ve signed in as a member). It is really awesome. Check it out.  It searches: • Offers, • Requests, • Members, • Bios, • Messages • Help • and it is re-indexed nightly. So if I’m looking for, say, someone … Continue reading Check out the search bar, y’all!