What could I offer?

Once you’ve figured out what time banking is and how to get involved, you’re probably going to spend some time worrying that you have nothing to offer.

First, get over that. The beautiful thing about time banking is that it values what you do naturally. Tasks that are so simple for you that they might seem mundane could be truly exciting to others. Don’t believe me? Check out these lists.

Brainstorming service offerings with the Cville TimeBank.

Many services offered through the Cville TimeBank.

Cville TimeBank loves brainstorming!

At the Cville TimeBank Kickoff, we went around the room and brainstormed simple skills/services that could be offered. This list is impressive, right?

What was even more impressive was the interaction in the room. I mentioned that I could offer photography, and immediately someone in the room asked, “What does that mean? Would you take my picture? Would you teach me how to take pictures? Could you show me how to get pictures off my camera? Could you help me organize pictures on my computer?” From that one offer, we had built a whole list of ideas! I never realized that the task of importing photos – something that I do quite mindlessly at this point – was a task I could help someone else learn.

So, what are the tasks you accomplish regularly, without difficulty and without much thought? Can you stabilize wobbly furniture? Have you ever replaced an old thermostat with a new, programmable one? Do you know how to clean a fish? I’ve never done any of those things, and value your experience and expertise!

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