Report from the Kickoff Event

Maggie here, sharing a quick update!

Though there was some last-minute competition from a rally on the UVa Lawn, we had a great crowd – twenty people brought a dish, shared a meal, and learned about the Cville TimeBank. After watching a delightful excerpt from the PBS documentary Fixing the Future (which will be screening in Cville this summer), we shared some essential information about how time banking works and how the pilot program is going to run.

Then the whole group brainstormed service ideas, each member sharing multiple things they can and would be willing to offer for exchange – it was exciting to see such an impressive (and useful) list of services! I’ll post that list later, with some other brainstorming ideas, but for now, enjoy the photos below and check out the feature from the NBC29 News Team.

Welcome table at the Cville TimeBank Potluck

Cville TimeBank Potluck Event

Brainstorming at the Cville TimeBank KickOff Event

Creating an account for the Cville TimeBank

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