Explore All Offers!

Once again, I waited until the last minute to clean up my garden for spring. Who knew spring would arrive in February? I looked under new offers for help, but I didn’t find anything. I posted a request, then I remembered that wonderful “Explore All Offers” index. Check it out here: https://hourworld.org/bank/SearchSvcCat.php?PR=Pro

I sent a couple of emails requesting garden help—and I have already received one yes—then noticed some other offers for things that I needed done. I sent out requests for bike repair training and slipcover tailoring—both now lined up to happen.

If you haven’t used the index, now is a good time to explore the offers out there. You might find something that you had forgotten you needed.

Some random offers I found in the index: tutoring in French, Spanish, help with exercise training, partner for cycling around town, help with doctor’s appointments and understanding medical jargon, cleaning out closets, general household chores, baking gluten-free breads and goodies, every sort of sewing imaginable, transportation, help with computers, eBay sales, kayaking instruction (boat can be provided!), help with digital photos, dog training, pet sitting, home maintenance, the list goes on and on. All those things you’ve been procrastinating on—get that stuff done!

While you’re at it, look at your own profile and see if it needs updating. Have a new skill you might teach someone? Or maybe a skill you didn’t think about when you first posted your profile? I’ve heard there’s a big market for lasagna baking.