Loved, nurtured, and watered by awesome TimeBankers!

Being an obsessive compulsive gardener is fun in the spring when it’s cool and rainy and everything starts poking out of the ground all fresh and shiny green. I’m not a fan of digging in the dirt as much as I am of sitting among flowers with a glass of wine, but I’m willing to do a little dirty work for the reward.

The problem comes in July and August when it’s hot and dry. I hate being outside then—even surrounded by flowers. My solution is to go north. For years, I have come home to a garden so withered and rangy that I have to check the name on the mailbox to be sure I’m at the right place!

But this year was different. Though it was wicked hot and dry all summer, my garden was lush and green and full of blossoms. Even my potted basil was thriving! It looked way better than it would have if I had been home—I would been hiding in the AC all summer.

A big thank you to the ever-fabulous TimeBankers who took turns watering my parched plants and sprinkling magic dust to keep everything so luscious. You folks are simply amazing!