Fall Garden Cleanup

Fall was a little late this year, but it is definitely here now. My flowers are telling me it is time for some serious cleanup. Not sure why I put these gardening chores off the way I do. I used to love working in the garden by myself, but over the last few years I find myself procrastinating more and more.

But I love flowers in the spring and summer—and even in the fall when I clear out enough of the dead summer flowers to see the last of the mums. It finally occurred to me that I’m part of a wonderful community of people who might be in the same boat. It’s a lot more fun when you have help, and the work goes so much faster.

So—gardeners unite! Let’s get together and enjoy these beautiful fall days and get our gardens spiffed up and ready for those spring bulbs. And if you have any plants to share, this is a great time to transplant!