The Rites of Spring

Are you one of those people with a long to-do list that nags at you like a little demon sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear: "Get away from that TV! Get up and DO something!!"?  I am one of those people (though admittedly, the TV is not my weakness, the computer is...). Well, … Continue reading The Rites of Spring

2015 – A New Year, and BIG changes ahead!

Change #1 - No more membership fees! Now that we have two years of financial data to evaluate, we have a better idea of our budgeting needs. The surprise? Our expenses are less than originally expected! Therefore, we are happy to announce that we will no longer collect membership dues annually. We will still have … Continue reading 2015 – A New Year, and BIG changes ahead!

TimeBanks on Virginia Conversations, NPR

Timebankers across the Commonwealth took to the airwaves on Friday, 3/28, during "Virginia Conversations" on Virginia Public Radio.  Special guest to start off the show was Edgar Cahn,  of Timebanks USA.  Lots of great stories and questions from callers, and from Christina Cain, of the Staunton Creative Community Fund and (h)OUR Economy timebank in Staunton, … Continue reading TimeBanks on Virginia Conversations, NPR

Local News Coverage!

Here in Charlottesville, the Daily Progress ran an article about the Cville TimeBank's one year birthday.  These are more than just "feel-good fluff" stories: members are getting things done, saving money, and building community -- one transaction at a time. Cville Timebank helps locals get something for nothing.