The Rites of Spring

Are you one of those people with a long to-do list that nags at you like a little demon sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear: “Get away from that TV! Get up and DO something!!”?  I am one of those people (though admittedly, the TV is not my weakness, the computer is…).

Well, help is on the way in the form of TimeBank! Among the many RIGHT things about TimeBank is the almost magical way that it helps you whittle down that to-do list.  Case in point: our Garden Mob yesterday.

Before the Garden Mob

Emil and I have had a veggie garden in our backyard forever (it was actually there when we bought our house).  In recent years, with the kids grown and moved away, it’s been harder to muster the energy to clear it out in the spring.  Enter TimeBank and the problem is solved!  I rallied 3 happy helpers and in two hours our garden went from Weed Wasteland to Grower’s Glory!  Have a look at our before and after pics!

Here are some tips on how to plan a Garden Mob at your place:

  • Set a date at least 3 weeks in advance. Sunday afternoons seem to suit a lot of people’s schedules. Two hours is a good, manageable chunk of time.
  • Post an announcement on the TimeBank homepage listing the day, time, and other pertinent info. (Join our Grubby Gardeners group and you can also post an announcement directly to other members!)
  • If you don’t get as many helpers as you’d like, go to the home page, click on offers, and then “garden/yard” and see who’s posted offers for gardening help. Contact each one with a message.
  • You might also (as I did) look through new member profiles and solicit anyone who looks like they might be interested, with a message.  Group projects like this are a great way to help newbies get connected.
  • Get back to your crew a few days ahead of time with a reminder letting them know your address and phone number.

Day of:

  • gather your tools, compost/manure, seedlings

    Snacks for hard-working timebankers
  • providing drinking water and a simple snack is always appreciated (see photo)
  • have a camera ready and take before, during and after pictures!

Everyone feels a great sense of accomplishment after a group effort like this. You can really see results.

Anita, Lizzie, Lise and Emil

“Mobs” like this are also a wonderful way to get to know other folks from the TimeBank!  Digging in the dirt together allows ample time for conversation. Lots of info and expertise gets shared while you’re rooting around in the… well, roots.  For instance a tidbit from yesterday: did you know that tilling isn’t necessarily a good thing for your garden??

There’s yet another TimeBank bonus to this story: member Stephanie K. posted an offer back in February for help with starting plants for the spring.  So we’ve got little plantlets all ready to plunk into our soil!

Ta-Dahhhh! Ready for planting

Big thanks to Wendy (sorry we missed you in the photo!), Lizzie and Anita for helping us get our garden ready for this year’s bounty.  Hooray for Spring and Hooray for TimeBank!