Filling in the gaps through TimeBanking

From Cville TimeBank member, J., this wonderful testimonial to the power of community:

“I sustained a traumatic brain injury in early 2013, and as is the nature of such injuries, I lost some processing skills.  In my case, (among other things) my math abilities regressed to about a 4th grade level.  Charlottesville does not have cognitive therapy resources available for someone able to function to the extent that I can, so when it was time for me to get back to working with my budget I was at a loss of how to take the raw data I knew I had and turn it into something useful.

I placed a request under “Miscellaneous” for “help with basic logic” with the Charlotttesville Time Bank. Someone wiling to take time to explain basic concepts (and, perhaps more notably, have patience with my frustration when I would hit a cognitive wall and need to take a break from the task at hand) responded, and I was able to make notes as we went so with my newly forgetful mind, I am still able to refer back to them.

Where there is a gap in services, there are Time Bank members with the ability and willingness to fill in.  Online tutoring was not an option, and leaving the area to work with conventional cognitive rehabilitation would have been expensive in both federal currency and in time.  Through Time Bank, I was able to get the help I desperately needed in return for giving rides around town to others.  That, my friends, is community!”

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