Cville TimeBank Auction Item: Feldenkrais Bodywork Session

I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and graduated from my training in 2003. Bid on this item if you are wanting to find new ways to feel wonderful in your body or you are struggling with pain or movement difficulties.

I look forward to meeting you!

-Cville TimeBank member Cathy

In case you aren’t familiar with Feldenkrais…

It is a gentle but powerful form of bodywork that works with the nervous system to retrain how the brain works to control the body and mind.

Benefits include: Increased ease of movement, improved balance and coordination, improved concentration, reduced pain, quicker recovery from injuries, enhances creative thinking…. the list goes on!

Who can benefit: Anyone with movement limitations or who wants to improve their performance.  “Improve your performance” can mean garden with less aches and pain, speed up your running time or get walking faster after a stroke or injury.  Any level of performance can be improved!

Sessions take place on a low padded table with the client fully clothed.

For more details –

Market Value of this item: $75
Minimum/Starting Bid: $20

Fine Print: I am offering an individual Feldenkrais session (30-45 min each) for adults or children. Sessions are offered on Friday afternoons.

To participate in this silent auction, leave a comment below with your bid. (Really. It’s that simple!) All auction comments will close at 5pm on November 15th. The highest bidder will be contacted for payment and connected with the service provider.