Cville TimeBank Auction Item: Learn to make earrings!

One-on-one tutorial to make a pair of beautiful sterling silver dangle earrings (for pierced ears) using my extensive stash of artisan glass and silver beads — your choice, your design!

Come with an outfit in mind to accessorize, or just see how my stash might inspire you.  Plan on about two hours, start to finish.  Or, if you prefer, you can pick out the beads/findings and I can just make them for you!

-Cville TimeBank member Lise

I am a Jane-of-all-crafts (as opposed to a Jack-of-all-trades) and have a dedicated studio (actually TWO) bursting with fun things waiting to be created!  I am also an educator of both adults and children and have legendary levels of patience. I have been making jewelry (silversmithing, lost wax, clay, sculpey, beaded, etc.)  for over 30 years though admittedly I have done it mostly for fun and non-profit donations, only a little for sale.

Market Value of this item: $60
Minimum/Starting Bid: $20

Fine Print: Service Offer Expires 04/30/2014

To participate in this silent auction, leave a comment below with your bid. (Really. It’s that simple!) All auction comments will close at 5pm on November 15th. The highest bidder will be contacted for payment and connected with the service provider.