Like links in a bike chain


I volunteered for the City of Charlottesville bike count this week.  For the record, not a lot of people are biking over the Belmont Bridge at 8am-9am on a Sunday morning.  The person who came to relieve me was Stephanie, I had never met her and I’m not sure what made her think to ask my last name, but she did and we put it together that we are the same Melissa and Stephanie who have been emailing to arrange a time bank exchange – in this case, my offer for garden help and her “weird spot” in the garden that is growing penny royal but has potential for more.  But let it be known that Stephanie had sewn the bag she was wearing, and as I got to see when I went to her house, can make curtains out of old quilts.  If she posts an offer add this winter (when she has sewing time rather than gardening time) I am taking her up on it!              ~ Melissa

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