Smile and say “Cheeeeeeese”

From new member Gwen, who is now sporting some snazzy photos! –Image

Even on my professional website, for years I’ve made do with snapshots to represent myself. One of the first posts that caught my eye on C’Ville TimeBank was Maggie Stein’s offer to take headshots. She described the process: she’d meet with someone in one of our photogenic town outdoor spots, shoot a bunch of digital photos in several poses, edit them and send a few of the best. We met on a chilly Sunday afternoon at the downtown mall. Maggie was really friendly and set me at ease. We found a few different locations and chatted through the brief and easy experience. A few days later she sent me a set of beautifully done portraits, and I’m thrilled to use them (crediting her) on not only my website, but several other professional sites as well. Thanks, Maggie!Image

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