The priceless $1 tablecloth

One of the MANY reasons I LOVE Cville TimeBank:  It’s helping me get things DONE!

Wilma thinks it’s beautiful, too.

Case in point – I’ve had this chunk of fabric for almost 20 years. I bought it with the intention of hemming the edges and using it as a tablecloth.  I remember finding it while shopping with my mom – it was in the remnant bin…. $1, if memory serves… and we both loved it.  And it was long enough that we both could end up with a tablecloth out of the deal.  The fabric went home with me because mom already had far too many unfinished projects at home.  (Remember that old “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” thing?  yeah…. me/mom. *sigh*.)   Mom has since passed, and the sewing machine is long gone, but I still had the fabric, and I still love it.  It has moved with me six times since then – still in the bag from the store – but the hem never happened.

Knowing that we have several sewers in the Cville TimeBank, I posted a request:  please hem this for me!  A mere two emails and a few days later: voila!  I have a tablecloth.  Thank you, Lise! It’s beautiful — and well worth the 20 year wait!  🙂   And as an added bonus, Lise is making matching napkins with the rest of the fabric. All for the low, low price of a little timedollar deduction from my account.

TimeBank members – think about your own “someday I’ll………” list, and ask for some help.  The results are priceless.

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