Last spring, I had a great transaction with fellow Timebanker Susie. I had a request posted for months for quilt repair and had even communicated with a couple of interested people who ended up passing due to other time commitments. Shortly after Susie joined the Timebank, she saw my request for quilt repair and assistance in compiling a t-shirt quilt and emailed me. Over a couple of months, Susie first repaired my favorite quilt (passed down from my grandmother) that was unraveling on the edges. Now I can use the quilt again without being afraid it will rip more. Secondly, she took the squares of high school and college t-shirts I had cut up years ago with intentions on making a quilt and actually made the quilt! It looks great, and I’m covered with it on the couch as I write. Susie is so friendly and was very knowledgeable about fixing and creating these quilts. Susie, thanks so much for sharing your skills and time with me!
– Andrea