TimeBank Updates

If you’re not following us on Facebook (and it’s okay if you’re not), you are missing out on a regular stream of information – uplifting photos, humorous cartoons, and awesome articles about TimeBanking all over the world!

I’m going to post the most recent articles here so that everyone can enjoy, Facebook or not!

Value of Time – The mother of one of our members clipped this article and sent it to her with a note “Wouldn’t this be a great idea for Charlottesville?”

5 Things We Can Learn from Japan About Aging Well – Guess what is #1 on this list.

The Science of ‘Paying It Forward’ – See? It’s science, y’all.

Founder of Time Banking Believes Everyone Has Something to Contribute

Saving Money, Helping Others with TimeBanking – Check out the Louisville TimeBank on ABC news tonight! Diane Sawyer’s hometown crew shows us how it’s done. It’s not really ‘free’ – payment for services comes in units of members’ time, not dollars. But as one member stated, “I feel so RICH because of the timebank!”

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