Cville TimeBank Auction Item: Homemade Bread for a Month!

I will make you a fresh loaf of bread every week for a month (4 loaves) delivered to a Cville city location or pickup downtown. These will be made out of fresh ground whole grains that still have all approx 26 of the nutrients available for your nourishment — these nutrients start to oxidize and become unavailable about 24 hours after grinding. These will be ground moments before entering your bread! You can choose among about 12 different grains along with 3 kinds of wheat, have grainy or smooth, have loaves or rolls. I’m offering 2 of these services. Top bidder gets to choose their month first. Schedule/timing of loaves is negotiable.

-Cville TimeBank member Kelly

Kelly is a self described health food nut! She loves to share the knowledge she has collected over years for better health and nutrition with anyone who wants to hear. She would love to introduce you to the superior taste and nutrition of REAL food. After this, you don’t have to go back to store bought bread – you can take her bread making class offered in the TimeBank! Shecan also point you to the places in town where you can purchase bread almost this good. 🙂

Minimum/Starting Bid: $20

Fine Print: Service Offer Expires 12/31/2014.

To participate in this silent auction, leave a comment below with your bid. (Really. It’s that simple!) All auction comments will close at 5pm on November 15th. The highest bidder will be contacted for payment and connected with the service provider.