Cville TimeBank Auction Item: Life Coaching

Do you just need someone to talk to?  Someone who might be able to act as a life coach as you navigate through a challenging time or difficult choices?  I can listen…   I have a master’s in counseling, am retired, and offer this service as a friend in the community, not as a health professional.

This service includes two fifty minute sessions.
-Cville TimeBank member Debbie

Debbie has a BA in Childhood Education and a MA in Agency Counseling, but is no longer working. What she has to offer is advanced listening and problem solving skills, and a personal advocate/support system.

Market Value of this item: $200
Minimum/Starting Bid: $10

Fine Print: Service Offer Expires 12/15/2013. This is not intendedto be a substitute for any type of formal counseling or crisis intervention.

To participate in this silent auction, leave a comment below with your bid. (Really. It’s that simple!) All auction comments will close at 5pm on November 15th. The highest bidder will be contacted for payment and connected with the service provider.