Shedding light

Cville TimeBank member Andrea posts about her recent lighting project, made easier with the help of Todd:

I have really enjoyed the Cville TimeBank thus far.  I have helped a couple of people with spring cleaning and taken a look at resumes or had nice conversations through messages, but what really struck me is how willing and skilled other members are.

I hated the track lighting in my condo since I purchased it nearly 5 years ago, but did not know how to paint or replace it.  2013-02-10_13-08-17_227I posted a service ad for a member to come over for recommendations and suggestions with intentions of completing the project myself after guidance. Todd replied quickly and came over within a couple of days fully prepared (tape measure, pencil, and probably a couple of other tools in tow).  He gave me a lot of suggestions about lighting styles, but I especially appreciated that he spent time asking what I was hoping for, how I use the rooms, etc. He told me several places in town where I could shop for the type of lights I was looking for, and also even looked around my place for other ways I could install new and better lighting. During our discussion, he told me about his background and that he could install whatever I purchased, if I decided not to do it myself.

I scoured the internet again after getting his feedback and found lights that met my needs. When they arrived, I still intended on installing them myself. However, after taking them out of the box, I realized I really did not feel comfortable taking down the old lights myself or connecting wires for the new ones so I sent another message to Todd. He came over that week with all of the necessary tools and installed
them with much less effort, stress, and time it would have taken me.  He even patched areas around the track where bits of the ceiling had fallen out from loosening the old track.


Todd was obviously skilled in this area and was willing to help and address my particular needs and space. I love the new lights and am so happy each time I turn them on that I did not install them myself!

Thanks, Todd and  Cville TimeBank!

-Andrea M.


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