Where we are, and where we’re going

Beginning January 2013, the Cville TimeBank is open to anyone in the Charlottesville area.growing

The pilot program ran for about 6 months in 2012, and we purposefully limited membership so that we could focus on learning the software and building our organizational structure.  We’ve learned a lot from our founding members who have helped us iron out the wrinkles, pitched in to help, and who have offered their input to shape the organization – and we thank them!

We incorporated in December 2012 as Cville Time Exchange, d/b/a Cville TimeBank, and in May 2014, we received our 501(c)3 designation from the IRS. This non-profit status allows access to funding sources and tax benefits that would otherwise not be available.

In January 2015, two BIG changes take place: new member software, and the discontinuation of member fees!  Read more about these changes here.

The next steps that we take together as an organization will be focused on growing and strengthening our TimeBank.  Those of us who have been involved in the pilot program have been witness to the myriad individual and community benefits of sharing our time and our skills with timebank members.  When we envision a membership of over 200, the mind reels ….. in a good way!

Along with higher numbers, we plan to focus on the following areas:

  • Diversity:  Our timebank will seek to engage members from every segment of our community
  • Sustainability: We need to create a structure that makes it possible for our timebank to endure
  • Inclusion of local businesses and organizations:  business and non-profit partnerships will be created to enrich the experience for everyone.

Visit our Kitchen Cabinet & Teams page to learn about the coordinating team behind the CTB, and email us if you’d like to be involved!

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