Cville TimeBank Auction Item: Gingerbread Elf!

I think I have molasses in my DNA. I learned how to make gingerbread houses from my mother when I was a kid, and over the last 30 years, I’ve made over one hundred houses for my family, for gifts and for sale at craft shows.

I will provide all the ingredients and equipment to either teach and guide you, or to just deliver the finished product, and will be happy to schedule at a mutually agreed time in December. It will last as long as you can refrain from nibbling on it! 🙂

-Cville TimeBank member Kathy


Would you like to have a home-made gingerbread house at your place this Christmas?? Maybe you want a practiced set of hands to guide you through so you can make it and present it to your grandkids? (I won’t spill the beans!) Or would you like to have a little decorating party for your own child as a special treat? Heck…. do you just want me to do it for you? However we get there, you’ll have a completely edible and uniquely beautiful gingerbread house at the end of the journey.

Market Value of this item: $75
Minimum/Starting Bid: $40

Fine Print: Service Offer Expires 12/22/2013 

To participate in this silent auction, leave a comment below with your bid. (Really. It’s that simple!) All auction comments will close at 5pm on November 15th. The highest bidder will be contacted for payment and connected with the service provider.