Why Laura Likes the TimeBank

By Laura Brown Through the Cville TimeBank, I’ve posted requests for a service I need (trumpet lessons for my daughter) and described a service (mosaic tile work) I can offer to others. I’ve received a consultation from a talented website designer and learned how to make pickles via lacto-fermentation. (Finally! A use for all that zucchini from the … Continue reading Why Laura Likes the TimeBank

Why Lise Likes the TimeBank

By Lise Stoessel There are so many reasons why the Cville TimeBank is just right. From facilitating skill sharing across our community to building an infrastructure for an alternative economy, Timebanking rocks! As a (non)recovering Hippie, I have dreamed of utopian societies for decades. I even started a small communiversity back in the early 80s. … Continue reading Why Lise Likes the TimeBank