Explore All Offers!

Once again, I waited until the last minute to clean up my garden for spring. Who knew spring would arrive in February? I looked under new offers for help, but I didn’t find anything. I posted a request, then I remembered that wonderful “Explore All Offers” index. Check it out here: https://hourworld.org/bank/SearchSvcCat.php?PR=Pro I sent a … Continue reading Explore All Offers!


Holiday Help!

Does anybody else get overwhelmed by the holidays? This is a great time for exchanges—the perfect time to help each other. Besides all the expectations of doing everything and being cheerful about it, we have the added stress of tiptoeing around current political issues while noshing with colleagues and family who we might not agree … Continue reading Holiday Help!

Twice Is Nice joins Cville TimeBank!

When is something better than great? When you get twice the benefits! So you may or may not know that Twice is Nice Upscale Resale Boutique (TIN) receives (FABULOUS) donations of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and household items from generous community members. TIN takes the very best items and displays them in their beautiful little storefront … Continue reading Twice Is Nice joins Cville TimeBank!