Ready to Join?

join usLet’s make this awesome.  If you’re ready to join — NOW is the time!

We ask that you come to a brief orientation first –  it’s our opportunity to answer your questions, and to be sure that all members know how the program works.  You’ll be asked to sign a member agreement, and to pay a modest membership fee of $24 per year.  Then, your membership account on will be activated.  That’s where all the service offers and requests are listed, and where balances are tracked, and yes — where all the magic happens. 

Upcoming orientation sessions:

  • Wednesday, November 12  6:00 pm – in the commons area at Main Street Market, 418 West Main Street
  • Tuesday, November 18  5-7  pm – in the commons area at Main Street Market, 418 West Main Street   (Note that there will be TWO sessions: one at 5 and one at 6 — come for either one!

Please join us!  Plan to spend 45 minutes to an hour getting to know us — and the software.  And if you bring a laptop or wi-fi enabled device, we can get you started on the spot!

You can stay up to date on what’s going on in the Cville TimeBank community by joining our mailing list here.  Questions?  email us.

You can find more information about membership on our Membership Information page, as well as on our FAQ page. Check ‘em out!

7 thoughts on “Ready to Join?

  1. I would LOVE to come and join the pilot group, but unfortunately just learned about the meeting tonight, and have a work commitment that i don’t think i can change. Guess I’ll have to wait until the fall :( But please add me to your mailing list so i can be aware of what’s happening. Thanks so much

  2. Hi Lauri – I just added you to our mailing list, so you’ll hear about what we’re up to, and our big ‘open enrollment’ in October! Stay tuned!

  3. Please let me know IN ADVANCE of open enrollment. I just learned about the time bank and membership ended in the past already. Thanks.

    • Jennifer –
      I’m sorry, but I didn’t see your comment until just now. (note to self: check the notification settings)

      I’m not sure you’re grasping how the timebank works. It’s not some place you can just shop for services. If you become a member, then you’re able to post a service request, asking if one of our members would be willing to clean the house in exchange for timedollars. It means that, at some point, you’d be willing to contribute a similar amount of your own time, doing something for another member(s). It’s all based on reciprocity – and making timedollar deposits in your own account that you can withdraw/redeem when you need something. No payment is exchanged.

      Obviously, cleaning your house in the time frame you wanted didn’t happen — but it COULD have happened if you were already a member and posted the request to the other members.

      I hope you’ll consider joining the timebank so that in the future, our member community can be of service! Coming to the new member potluck and orientation (details above) on January 20 is a perfect way to get started! Hope we’ll see you there.

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